In 2005, 26% of B.C. Hospitals Fell Below the Acceptable Benchmark Score For Cleanliness Audits

When Westech first started working with the BC Health Authorities, the key to future success rested in identifying and creating a first class cleaning auditing standard directly related to the cleaning outcomes at the different facilities across British Columbia.

After developing these cleaning auditing standards for our client, Westech performed audits at each of the province’s hospitals. Our auditing staff were able to find frequently touched surfaces, the root cause of bacteria and germs leading to the spread of infection, that were being missed in regular cleans.

Once these problem spots had been identified, Westech then offered extensive reporting that clearly communicated to hospital and cleaning staff the areas that were being overlooked.

98% of BC Hospitals Pass Routine Checks for Cleanliness

From 2005 to the present Westech has continued auditing all the BC Hospitals on a continual basis. Through detailed web based corrective action reports and our auditor certification program we have been able to help the BC hospitals see significant measurable improvements in the overall cleaning outcomes.

Specifically, over nine years since Westech started auditing BC hospitals the failure rate diminished from 26% to less than 2%. Today these hospitals and health care facilities are safer and cleaner with a greatly lower chance for infection to spread.

With such a dramatic improvement in the cleanliness levels of BC hospitals, the Westech team hopes to bring this success story across the country and play an important part in making Canadian health care facilities more sanitary for everyone.

Prevention Is the Answer

Westech cleaning audits and systems are helping reduce bacteria and germs, thus the spread of infection and provide healthier and more positive environments for patients and staff. Your organization could be next.

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