• In our journey to adopt best practice and improve our performance in environmental cleaning, we engaged Westech as our cleaning auditor and partner. As a result this partnership our staff and leaders have learned new skills and we are now able to set realistic goals based on Westech's experience and expertise. Our results have improved and continue to.
    JIM Flett
    Chief financial officer, Kingston general hospital / providence care / hotel dieu hospital
  • Our vision at the William Osler Health System is "Patient inspired health care without boundaries". To achieve these results it is vital that all departments and services perform to a high and measurable standard. Achieving our vision every day is critical to the care and safety of our patients and staff. With our vision as our guide we implemented a very comprehensive housekeeping quality program. Included in our program was the introduction of the unannounced Third Party Cleanliness Auditing process which is conducted by Westech Inc of Canada. This process provides us with an objective and measurable evaluation of our level of cleanliness and is viewed as a best practice. Our work with Westech has supported the development and implementation of a comprehensive and accountable cleanliness program at Osler.
    Bill Rodgers
    Director of support services, William osler health system
  • The Housekeeping department at Homewood Health Centre in Guelph Ontario introduced the PIDAC best practice cleaning standards shortly after they were released in 2009. We understand that cleaning audits are an important part our cleaning program as it validates quality levels and identifies opportunity for improvement. The Westech's auditing system has enabled us to systematically measure our cleaning outcomes. The system helps us identify areas of improvement, provides us with trending statistics for prioritizing our cleaning tasks and is used as the foundation to identify training needs and growth and development for our housekeeping team. The Westech tools are easy to use, provide us with the important documentation we require and has been very well received from our Housekeeping and Infection prevention teams. The unlimited technical support offered by Westech is another reason we chose Westech as our auditing tool for the Homewood Heath Centre.
    Keith sopha
    Director of Housekeeping at Homewood Health and President of Canadian Association of Environmental Management
  • The London Health Sciences Centre hospital engaged in finding a reputable company to perform a hospital-wide cleaning audit this past summer. The Request for Proposal was successfully answered by Westech Systems Inc. The audit was needed to establish a cleaning baseline for our facilities. The information was essential for the creation of a Housekeeping Request for Proposal for the outsourced areas of the hospital. Our experience with Westech was excellent. Dean Waisman and his experienced crew did a very thorough, professional job. The audit report provided us with solid information that would lead us to changes in our cleaning practices.
    Sab Sferrazza
    Director of Corporate Customer Service London Health Sciences Centre
  • The BC health authorities have worked with Westech over the past 10 years. Together we have developed and implemented a best in class audit system.
    "The outcome of using this standardized Provincial audit has been a significant improvement in cleanliness in BC health care facilities. In addition the monthly cleaning audits carried out by the Westech team help our cleaning contractors improve upon their servicing method. This benefit is then passed on to our patients and staff by having a cleaner environment." Westech maximizes technology and are innovative, professional and knowledgeable with regards to the hospital housekeeping process. They have consistently delivered on time and budget. We look forward to continuing the close association between British Columbia health care facilities and Westech.
    David Handley
    Executive Director, Support Services VCHA, FHA, PHSA & PHC – BC Health Authorities
  • Northern Health's (NH) experience with Westech has been very beneficial. We have made significant strides in improving the cleanliness ratings of our facilities by using the housekeeping auditing tools developed by Westech Inc. In NH, we use internal auditors using the tools developed, as well as being rated through external verification by Westech auditors. NH has also utilized Westech's workload planning software against new provincial cleaning standards and auditing standards to control how to best efficiently apply our available human resources. These tools have improved our understanding of how to utilize the housekeeping staff to their best abilities, and to the best effect on our cleanliness audits. NH is also utilizing Westech in development of a food safe auditing tool which can be used internally by NHA supervisory staff to monitor our food services departments. Our relationship with Westech continues to evolve as we look to adhere to Provincial standards and best practices in the Province of BC and Canada.
    Michael Hoefer
    Executive Director, Capital Planning and Support Services Northern Health Authority BC
  • Stanton Territorial Health Authority (STHA) has worked with Westech for over three years. Westech auditors are professional and knowledgeable with regards to hospital housekeeping processes. In partnership with Westech, the cleanliness of the facility has continuously improved, thus improving the patient’s experience and the environment for staff.
    Steve Schaub
    Manager, Facility Operations & Maintenance - Stanton Territorial Health Authority - Government of the Northwest Territories

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