Auditing Services

Customized Turnkey Software, Training & Auditing Programs
Our customized programs give organizations control and easy access to cleaning performance and improvement metrics. Carrying out anywhere from annual to monthly audits per year, specialized software for your specific cleaning needs and training for how to optimize your customized system, Westech helps clients put long term, sustainable solutions in place for cleaning management.

Independent Cleanliness Auditing & Recommendations
Westech auditors are specially trained to execute top to bottom assessments of healthcare, educational and commercial facilities. Not only concerned with the safety of your clients, our audits look for ways to maximize your cleaning budgets. Our clients use our recommendations to create operational changes that effect your safety and financial bottom lines.

Cleaning Auditing Software Systems and Certification Training
Westech provides auditing software and certification training for your in house group, your contract cleaning group or your contract managers. We will set you up with a system that is easy to monitor and execute independently.

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Housekeeping Management Software Systems

Using Westech's proprietary software, companies can estimate time required and the number of staff needed to properly clean a specific facility. Use our software to optimize your budget and impact through functionality including contract management, corrective action, and benchmarking.

Customer Satisfaction, Hand Hygiene, Food Safety & Other Customized Auditing Software Systems

Our latest software provides audit strategies specializing in best practices of hand hygiene and food safety. By monitoring, this new software is designed to initiate preventative measures to keep facilities cleaner and safer. Westech will develop a customized auditing solution for your specific needs.

Consulting Services

Westech consultants specialize in the many different aspects of cleanliness in the healthcare, educational and commercial industries. Ranging from inspections of housekeeping work, assessing cleaning departments of major hospitals, interviewing staff, and providing estimates of the number of staff to clean a facility properly, our consultants advise you on how you can make immediate and future improvements to the cleanliness of your organizationís locations.

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